About Us

As South India's leading seafood company, Febin Marine Foods is setting the standard for quality seafood that is sustainable, responsibly sourced and ethically produced.

Seafood Heritage

Our company is founded on the expertise, passion and commitment throughtout the business for delivering top quality products.

Like most success stories, ours started from humble beginnings when R F Group was founded in 1987 and over the years it has grown into a very successful group of companies.

Without losing touch with of our local roots, we now source the best and freshest ssseafood items and supply globally.


Alongside quality and value of our customers, we are passionate about what we do. Our founder and partner Mr. F. M. Farook firmly believes in a business that is ethically sound and is based on stroong principles. He is totally commitment in ensuring perfection with professionalism.

His endeavours encouraged us to become the first seafood group in India to attain BRC certification. We continue to sustainably promote the value of our marine stocks for future generations.

Processed to Perfection...

Current markets demand best products processed to highest quality standards.

At Febin Marine, we process fresh seafood products into Ready to Eat IQF items for delivery to our most demanding customers. Including some of the largest global supermarket chains.

Our modern production facilities feature technologically advanced steam cooking process combined with fast IQF freezing. Innovations designed to give full flexibility in processing of products and final packaging.

Food Safety Comes First...


Quality control plays a leading role in what we do at Febin Marine.

Each phase of our production process has to satisfy strict quality requirements. We insist on rigorous controls for all fresh in-coming seafood products and continue with this control right up to onward shipment.

Our Quality Assurance department, with its own accredited laboratory ensures we deliver to our customers the best and being proud holders of British Retail Consortium (BRC) Safety standard assures added safeguard.



RF Group has it's own Aquaculture farm, consisting of a single 86 Hectare pond along the "Back Waters" linking directly to the Arabian Sea.

An "Extensive" farming method surrounded by mangroves, totally free from use of chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. A process done with exclusion of all mechanical intervention, in balance with environment and with positive social impact.